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The Scottish Government’s Home Heating Support Fund offers financial support to people who are struggling with energy bills, and self-rationing (i) energy to get by.
If you are applying on behalf of someone who has been disconnected from their energy supply already (sometimes called ‘self-disconnection’) (i) you will not be able to apply to the fund until they are back on supply. This is because processing times for the fund make it unsuitable for emergency help.
They should instead reach out to their energy supplier in the first instance or call on 0808 1968 660
Anyone who is struggling to meet their fuel costs and is self-rationing can apply to the fund. Applicants must have received money or energy advice from an accredited agency ensuring any funding is as effective as possible. Evidence of advice will be required. We take individual circumstances into consideration when making a decision about funding, including:
  • Level of fuel poverty (i)
  • Remote/Rural Locations and the impacts of this on energy bills (i) / Off-grid energy supplies (i)
  • Age and situation
The Home Heating Support Fund has relaunched this year, this means that even if you applied in previous years, you may apply again. Please be aware that some of the eligibility criteria have changed, so a successful previous application does not guarantee an award this year.
It is vital that we have the correct information when processing awards, if an incorrect phone number or account number is entered, this could result in a payment being sent to someone else. Advice Direct Scotland is not responsible for payments made in error due to incorrect information being provided.
In previous iterations of the fund, we asked referral partners to collect and store their own evidence. This time all evidence will be sent to ADS where we will review and store it. This will help to standardise evidence collection and ensure the quality of any supporting documentation provided.

The following documentation can be used as evidence to support applications –  

  • Living in a rural or remote area – Proof of address such as a utility bill or statement from your fuel supplier, council tax letter, lease/tenancy agreement, benefit award letter.
  • Over 75 – Proof of age such as a birth certificate, Passport or drivers license 
  • Medical or disability benefit – relevant benefit letter, bank statement showing payment or DS1500 form. The letter or statement must be in date and show your name and address
  • Use of medical equipment – Letter from a medical body or occupational therapist. Photo evidence of equipment will be accepted when supplied along with corresponding benefit evidence.
  • Off Grid or use of alternative fuel – Bill or statement from alternative fuel supplier
  • Local authority or foster care leaver – evidence of pathway plan, correspondence from social worker or personal advisor
  • Scottish Child Payment – relevant award letter or screenshot from bank statement, must show name and address

Photocopies, electronic documents, images, and screenshots are acceptable forms of evidence. Please do not send official documentation by post. 

Please give us as much information about the applicants’ situations as possible. We are looking to understand the challenges they are facing, any detail about the impact of the cost of living crisis, their housing situation, fuel poverty percentage, debt issues or any further detail you feel is relevant.
The more information you can give us will help us when considering your application.
Once you have submitted the application form, and all required evidence, our team will process your application and make a payment from the fund.
Depending on how the applicant pays for fuel, the payment will go directly to their supplier, or may be sent to you as a voucher:
Payment will be made directly to the energy supplier (with correct customer information / account numbers for energy suppliers being provided, please ensure account numbers are correct. Once ADS issues the payment, it may take up to 14 days for suppliers to credit customer accounts (i) Prepayment Customers, please ensure customer details (phone number/Email are correct so voucher can be issued:
  • Post Office – Payment of Post office vouchers will be processed weekly on a Thursday. The vouchers should be received by Wednesday the following week.
  • PayPoint – PayPoint vouchers will be processed within 72 hours of a successful award notice.
Please Note – Follow up vouchers will be paid weekly.
Charitable support can be provided to people with no recourse to public funds (and therefore also those with pre-settled status). As long as all of the other eligibility criteria are met, people who are in Scotland on visas with no recourse to public funds can apply to the Home Heating Support Fund.
The fund is open until March 2024 or until funds have been exhausted.